‘Stranger Things’ Episode 5 // Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout

episode 5

Take your compass and FOH, man.

Hey, shout out to David Harbour, the Stranger Things cop. I haven’t talked about him too much, but Harbour was a real MVP this episode. Between breaking into the lab, drunk dialing on his trailer floor, and trying on his Winona-fitted tin foil hat? This man cannot lose. The #BangerGods called for a worthy performance this time ’round, and Harbour came out #banging.

Also #banging? Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout. I like to think the cop had four or five of these before dialing, but honestly, it probably only took two or three (even for the next Brock Lesnar.) This drink isn’t overwhelming (8.0% ABV) but its blends of coffee, bourbon and caramel sneak that alcohol right past you. And make no mistake, this stout is a sneaky motherfucker.

The flavors combine well, and for a bourbon barrel beer, it’s pretty easy to throw the drink back. Hence the sneaky motherfucker business. Bourbon Barrel Stout is knee-deep in that business, and trust me. Business is boomin. So I’m right there with you, Mr. Harbour. If you want to spend an afternoon downing a few, I’ll gladly be there to recommend “just goin’ and tellin’ her how you feel, man.” We can and will get afternoon schmammered. Whether it sneaks up on us or not.

But let me get right to it. There are a lot of things I can talk about from this episode of Stranger Things. But most importantly, we should discuss compasses.

In this episode, there’s a scene where Dustin freaks out and yells for everyone to show their compass. To this, I say “FOH, Dustin.” Nobody carries a compass around like that.


I’ll never understand being 12 years old again. It’s like the reverse of riding a bike. The first time you stop doing it (being a 12-year-old who always carries multiple compasses), you’re done. You’ll never remember how to do that shit again. Of course, despite all of the compasses, El used her powers to throw off their directions to The Upside Down. That’s the alternate universe where they hope to find Will (and not find Barb.) That’s an important detail, but so is how many compasses these kids own, so bear with me.

  • If we can make a trade to get Will back, isn’t trading his dad a no brainer? Fuck Will’s dad.
  • Nancy had her best and worst moments. Shooting, talking about family (high) and crawling into The Upside Down looking for Barb (low). I hate Barb for this.
  • Turn your phones off and enjoy the stout because business will remain boomin regardless.

Consecutive beers taking a toll. Stranger Things only getting better. Must continue.


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