Dave Chappelle’s “Deep in the Heart of Texas” // The Black Abbey Forty Four


“The Age of Spin” is Dave making a statement. This is Dave on a Tuesday night.

First, an unexpected shoutout: shoutout to Larry Wilmore. On Wednesday, he appeared on The Bill Simmons Podcast and they talked about the standup comedy. It was dope.

The most interesting thing was Wilmore explaining the difference between Saturday and Tuesday nights for comics. Saturdays are date nights. People are uptight with their significant others. You try your weird shit on Tuesdays. Comics love Tuesdays because the crowd wants the weird shit. They’re there on a Tuesday, after all.

I bring this up because it explains the difference between these two specials. The first is a carefully planned “hello” after a decade missing. This one is Dave kicking back, smoking cigarettes, aimlessly riffing on anything and everything. Big shoutout to Aimless Dave.

You and I will never know what Chappelle is really like, but this is probably our closest look. Remember the OJ stories that hold the first special together? None of that here. This special holds it together like Jordan Belfort getting to his Lamborghini in The Wolf of Wall Street. That’s the best scene of that movie, and it’s the best thing about this special.

All of this is happening while I’m enjoying The Black Abbey’s The Forty Four. This porter is solid AF. Next time I’m in Nashville I might order The Forty Four like McConaughey’s character. If you don’t watch the clip, spoiler: “Until one of us passes the fuck out.”

Quick notes:

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