Game of Thrones “Eastwatch” // Mile Wide Beer Co. Idlewild Vol. 2



DICKON! It’s your dad who’s the screw up. And you’re gonna volunteer yourself to be burned alive for it? You just came back to the show, and the actor playing you had like three episode appearances. C’mon dude.

I’m a little antsy writing this despite the facts this episode and Idlewild Vol. 2 were both great. Sometimes Game of Thrones can play with many themes. Oftentimes the results of war amount to greater lessons. I waged my own war with Kampus Property internet last night, and I had no idea what kinda piece-of-shit beast I was preparing to spar with.


KP internet is Drogon, no question about it. The mf stared me down and laughed at the thought of trying to press play at 9 p.m. By 9:30? KP Drogon toyed with my emotions. It felt, like, Jaime-level lucky to finally start the episode, because from 8:50 on KP Drogon wasn’t worth jack-shit.

Of course, every Lannister pays his dues. In return for 30-40 minutes of choppy, blurry GOT-castration, KP Drogon rained hell-fire on my ass. Connection lost altogether with 15 minutes to go. Pure torture. Downing Mile Wide’s Idlewild Vol. 2 crowler was the only thing keeping me going. This may not be Tessie, but that haze is basically the biggest thing in Kentucky right now. This pale ale is easier to get, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not great.

While watching my laggy garbage, I wondered if I’d be better off watching on my phone. An ultimate last resort in my book. And gah damn, yeah, last resort for a reason. I watched the GOT Suicide Squad band together on a 5-inch screen. That should… maybe be illegal?

KP Drogon burning me to a crisp aside, I brought home all the takeaways. But in return for my own life, I swore off this episode once I bent the knee to KP Drogon. FML.

I’ma let MW take us home on this one:

  • S/o and RIP Dickon lol
  • S/o Mile Wide. Visited for the Hops On The Hill fest couple weeks back. It’s great.
  • S/o to John from Casual Pint. I’ma drink that Stillwater Is Nothing, Big Bunny is Everything next week, I think. And if you’re reading this, you must’ve caught up on the last two episodes. CONGRATS DUDE.

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