Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall” // Omnipollo Nautilus



I’m going to keep it┬á­čĺ»┬átrillion billion with you.

Tyrion shouldn’t get a word in when Dany gets back. He should be killed on sight.┬áThis was dumb, and it was the ultimate shit-cherry on top of Tyrion’s fuck up sundae.

“Beyond the Wall” was a fun episode to watch. Omnipollo’s a cool gypsy brewery, whatever that means. But lord have mercy, these two were so frustrating. Let me explain.

Take a look at this situation, and ask yourself…


Is there any hope…. at all… IN THE SLIGHTEST!! THAT THE SUICIDE SQUAD COULD EVER MAKE IT OUT ALIVE??? Hell no. That’s the right answer, and don’t kid yourself.

But what’s so agonizing about this is that, you know what, whatever. You can do a really dumb thing in this show. You can go seek out a white walker to bring back to Cersei. And you can assume she’ll have a change of heart. For some reason you could do that.

But this show has never forgiven people for it, and these guys literally got off scotch-free. Idgaf about the pace, and how that makes no sense either. I don’t think Genry’s got MPHs like that. I don’t think ravens have MPHs like that. Still, all that aside, through this horrible plan, all that was left behind was the world’s fastest dragon and a single character I forgot existed.

I wouldn’t get so overly invested in any other show, but guess what?


THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE GAME TO BE PLAYED. And this shit just flipped the board over. It’s just like, dammit man. Of course Jon couldn’t die. Gendry just got back, he probably wouldn’t die either. But you can’t write these dudes into that situation without any consequences. So why go in this direction at all? I’m just not satisfied thinking this was their only option.

With all this in mind, Omnipollo’s Nautilus was the perfect drink for this episode. About a month ago, I had my first Omnipollo beer at The Beer Trappe in Lexington, KY. It was called Noa Pecan Mud Cake, a fudgey imperial stout unlike any I’ve ever had. Maybe the best aroma I remember in a beer.. just insane hazelnut, pecans, the works. It’s the best thing I’ve had all year.

I was massively hyped to try anything else from this Swedish brewery. After I came across Nautilus on the shelves, I jumped all over it. This deep fuschia sour had a taste of blueberries hittin u with that pucker effect right away, and yeah, it was pretty decent. But it was acidic af and eventually gave me a stomach ache. That’s how I felt about this episode. Came for the best, left betrayed and disappointed.

Finally, the Arya and Sansa stuff is too important for a footnote. From what I can tell, it’s my unpopular opinion that this was actually great. I loved this part of the episode and it distracted me from my mixed feelings elsewhere. I doubt Arya is really playing into Little Finger’s hands. I’m less confident in Sansa right now.

But if one of them makes an awful decision and dies, at least that’s what happens in this show.

Quick notes:

  • *exhales*
  • Honestly, I have no idea what to expect next episode. But we’re hitting up The Bear and the Butcher, then sharing some pretty dope beers. Let’s hope for a banger.

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