Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” // BEER SHARE

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I mean, damn, where do I start? Not only did we try tons of cool beers for the finale, but we’re dealing with the longest episode of this show – EVERLet’s not waste any time.

I’ll start with the beer. Get on your feet, IT’S TIME FOR THE STARTING LINEUP.


At point guard, this double IPA is as smooth as they come and hazy as it gets. I’d call it Bearded Iris North, the Michigan #Banger, the Sunday Night Special, BUT YOU MAY JUST KNOW IT AS OLD NATION BREWING’S BOSS TWEED!! 

At shooting guard, another silky smooth, herky jerky murky IPA killa. It may be the #Haze King’s ugly step-child, but by god we love it anyway, IT’S BEARDED IRIS SCATTERBRAIN!! 

At small forward, this imperial IPA may put you in a coffin, but sweet lord, it GIVES. ME. LIFE. Sip undead pale ales all you want, I’ve got THREE FLOYDS’ PERMANENT FUUUNERAAALL!!!!

At power forward, we’ve got a ill-tempered IPA from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis. It’s Nightmare Inc. but a dream to drink, it’s SURLY’S TODD, THE AXE MAAAANN!!!

And at center, the Swedish bruiser, the coffee bomb cruiser. The gypsy oil to make your blood boil, give it up for OMNIPOLLO’S SYMZOOOONIAAAA!!!

Phew, okay. With all that in mind.. it’s time to get into it. The last episode of Game of Thrones. Until the winter of 2018, at least. This was a sad day, but a pretty good episode.

It started with a meeting between.. damn near every character we’ve grown to love over the years. Even Dany rode in on her dragon just to stunt on Cersei. Putting those two names in the same situation DOESN’T EVEN SOUND REAL.

Long story short, that meeting went nowhere at first. But thanks to the Lannisters, this things still poppin’ off on all cylinders. Tyrion tries to reason with his sister, all but committing suicide. But she spared ’em. Cersei later tees off on her boi, her man, JAIME LANNISTER! SHE HAS THE MOUNTAIN DRAW THE SWORD!!! But she spares ’em.

In many ways this episode went how we all expected, but here, it really took an unexpected turn. Cersei isn’t dead yet, and is even teaming up with the enemy. For now. It honestly couldn’t be Game of Thrones without Cersei, so the show’s playing the long game by only making it about the White Walkers until Cersei decides to rule the world herself again.

For that, I’m giving Cersei the MVP Beer, Old Nation’s Boss Tweed. Cersei has been riding on thin ice all season, but somehow the Lannister train still kept rollin’. The Haze Craze ain’t goin anywhere – this one’s a #banger right there with Homestyle.

With Lannisters in mind, I’m splitting this Scatterbrain between Jaime and Tyrion. Bb has cut Jaime loose, and I have no idea where he’s left to go. Will he join up with his brother again? Idk, he’s starting to show weird, alternative motives himself. So much to unpack there.

If Todd, the Axe Man is a warrior that’s cheated death, then I’m a damn lie if it isn’t going to Jon Snow. JON ISN’T EVEN JON ANYMORE. AND HE HOOKED UP W/ HIS AUNT – WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING. Wtf is he gonna think when he get word about any of that? Can’t wait.

If there was ever a beer for the Night King, it’s the one ready to knock you on your ass. Unapologetic af. It’s Omnipollo’s Symzonia. Has to be. The Night King is riding an ICE DRAGON. LOOK AT IT!!!


That mf took down the wall this week. THE WALL. It’s about to get real.

And u already know who landed in a Permanent Funeral. Who’s mans is this? IT’S YA BOI LITTLE FINGER!!! Weirdly enough, this was the only death we got this week. That alone isn’t a bad thing, but is it weird that not that much else happened in the series’ longest episode?

Quick notes:

  • Same time, same place next season?
  • LOT left to happen in just six episodes.
  • By next season, I may be a Craft Beer Three Eyed Raven. Let’s hope not.



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