Blade Runner // Imperial Biscotti Mexican Cake Break



Harrison Ford. Ridley Scott. THE BARTENDER FROM THE SHINING.

Yeah even that guy fam. Blade Runner has it all, and I finally showed up to the party.

So this movie confirmed many things that I always thought to be true about it: it’s pretty slow, but a cool, slow burn noir type of deal. S/o freshman year film classes.

Even if I wasn’t always immersed in their conversations, it’s hard to look away from the world they’re in. Ridley Scott’s such a real one. I spent at least 10 solid minutes of this movie thinking… this motherfucker made Alien. And Blade Runner. And Gladiator (another movie I haven’t seen.)

And a beer I haven’t drank? I picked up a big one: Evil Twin and Westbrook’s Imperial Biscotti Mexican Cake Break stout, or a mouthful of words/flavor. This midnight oil is fudgey and thick, with all kinds of mocha boo-yas, with gut punches of spice on the back-end. Wtf man. It’s not my favorite stout, but it is a unique one nonetheless.

Two awesome breweries got together and chopped it up. Put it in perspective. Imagine if you asked ya boy Ridley to make a movie with Stanley Kubrick. That movie would be gah damn massive and overwhelming and would be lucky to make 🙌any🙌 lick of sense.

But it would be interesting despite all that, right? That’s this beer.

So it’s a wrap, crown his ass. Call in Drake, because when Ridley dies he’s a legend on visuals alone. And I can at least say there’s way more to Alien and Blade Runner than how they look. S/o to Gladiator Stranger Beers one day.

You watch this movie and you’re left with one question: is Rick Deckard a replicant? That’s a lie. I have a second question. Where does Rick Deckard fit into the Harrison Ford Suicide Squad?

If I’m the coach, here’s the lineup.

Harrison Ford as Han SoloIconic, but that won’t buy you much in this squad. This is an All-Star Game super team that has no business being real. Solo is the leader of the pack for checking all the boxes tho. He’s a leader, smart but reckless, and cool in a way that other cool Fords just have to fall in line behind.. despite their coolness.

Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesRemember how I said most everyone here is iconic? Jones is right there with Solo. Don’t forget that Jones is a college professor, so he’s the squad swish army knife. Ready for action or hacking into the mainframe!! at any moment.

Harrison Ford as Rick DeckardBoom. Decker is muted, but has a way of drawing conversation out of others. He’ll be our squad’s double agent. The quiet one who can get just close enough to our enemies to outsmart and kill them.

Harrison Ford as Bob FalfaAlright the squad is losing name recognition in a HURRY, but listen. Ford plays a cowboy racer in American Graffiti, and we’re building a band of misfits. He’s the getaway driver, no questions asked. You could make a strong case for Solo as the getaway driver, but he’s overqualified considering his other skills.

Harrison Ford as … Dr. Richard Kimble? I saw The Fugitive on TV once years ago. This idea has gone off the rails. Pack up, let’s go home.

Quick notes

  • Not as rewatchable as Silence of the Lambs, but I already know I’ll grow to love it.
  • Check out this side-by-side video of trailers from this Blade Runner and its upcoming sequel.
  • There is a whole mess of movies I could do next. I’ma try to keep this loose and do it as they come to me, so we’ll see.


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