Stranger Things 2 “MADMAX” // Omnipollo Pleroma



Stranger Things is back, and I’m still drinkin these dumb boujee beers. Here we go.

A ton has happened since the first Stranger Beers. The show itself blew tf up. Netflix doesn’t release ratings, but based on water cooler talk, seems like the show is a legit GoT-style take-over-everyone’s-lives banger. As for beers? I’ve tried a lot more styles, with a lotta highs and lows dawg. There’s been the Snake Cakes of the world, and there’s been dog shit like Nacho Bait (sorry Country Boy, love u Country Boy).

Even Jonathan Beyers got turned away from an airport for holdin coke like he’s in a Martin Scorsese movie. We’ve all grown up a bit.

But now it’s time to catch up with everyone, and that’s mostly all the first episode did. What’s up with the kids? *80’s banger* What’s up with Jean Ralphio? *80’s banger* OH, Winona gonna like … get it?? *80’s banger* You get what I’m sayin. While we’re on 80’s bangers, you have no idea how disappointed I was the Rock You Like a Hurricane kid wasn’t coked-out Jonathan Beyers.

Mostly this episode was just about getting up-to-speed on everyone, nothin’ crazy. It went heavy on all the 80’s stuff, and that’s ok! People like to shit on the show for wearing its influences on its sleeve, because who wants to see a show only because it’s enjoyable, right?

Kinda happy to try an Omnipollo beer with this one because they’re a pretty strange brewery themselves, if you even want to call it a “brewery.” Just some random dude who makes good beers and convinces the best brewing facilities in the world to let him get crackin with their equipment. Sounds like a perfect con job to me but I digress.

I’m always interested in Omnipollo but I gotta say they’ve been screwing me over lately. I give them a try everytime because Noa is an all-timer,  but other stuff has been average to a flexin for no reason shit show. Their graham cracker IPA almost pushed me over the line, but I gave em one last shot after hearing good things on their sour Pleroma.

It’s one of their better beers, no doubt. This sour at least didn’t hurt my stomach lol so that feels like a plus. It’s real heavy on that raspberry sour taste but not overwhelming. What’s cool about it is it def turns over in your mouth with this velvety creamy after taste. Pleroma is nice, but by the last sips feels like I’ve been inhaling whipped cream all episode.

Honestly dude just happy Stranger Things is back. So many good shows but not many you can sit back and enjoy so easily. Tryna watch another rn but will wait til tomorrow, see you then.

  • Yo so Will is a real character now lol
  • MR. MOM WOO my new favorite character
  • Show is gonna make Nancy and Jean Ralphio make up for screwing over Barb I guess. No thanks hard pass I’m cool on that Barb nonsense

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