Stranger Things 2 “Trick or Treat, Freak” // Prairie Phantasmagoria



Alright sit down folks I’ve got my list of things I like and don’t like, listen up.

My favorite thing about Stranger Things 2 so far is that Eleven and The Cop are roommates. They were my favorite characters in season one, along with Russell Westbrook, so it’s pretty cool seeing them have all their scenes together so far. Netflix is bout that Stranger Things IP action, so I’m ready for the spinoff soon as possible.

A character I did not like, do not like, and refuse to like is Barb. Barb did nothing, got left behind, and got GOT by the strangest things. And yeah that’s sad for all of three seconds and then I remember I never had a single thought about that character to begin with. The plot line with her parents hiring $$$ detectives to find her, and Nancy feelin’ guilty, makes too much sense, but honestly still just miss me with that lol I’m out on it.

Something I do like? The asshole new kid:


This dude is a straight up trash bag. He almost ran over the main characters, which seems like a negative. But lmao at that party he looked like a straight fucking maniac coming off his keg stand. Look at this idiot:


I think his name is Billy and he seems like a bonafide dumbass. But it’s good to have characters to hate so I’m in. Bonus points to TV/Movie High School Parties That Are Way Too Insane.

Oh, and hatin’ on people dressing up for Halloween? That’s that shit I don’t like.¬†How old are these kids supposed to be anyway? 12, 13 max? Whatever I guess that’s getting up there for dressing up at school lol but still big fan of the Ghostbusters outfits.

I def do like Prairie Phatasmagoria the beer, and def don’t like the name. Hit me with half that name and we’re 1,000xs better off. Prairie Phantasm. It’s better, right?

Anyway, this thang is bitter AF. It’s a double IPA which means if you’re not bout the bite then this beer will kick you right between the eyes. I love a good IPA and doubles are fine to great depending on the one, and this one’s somewhere in between. I’m not really tryna drink a beer that flexes how super bitter is on you for no reason, but this one stops short of that. It’s citrusy, juicy, bordering on hazy a bit, and it’s just a super solid beer.

Last thing I don’t like: watching one episode a night. I like watching this show lol but this makes it last at least. The things I do for Stranger Beers.

  • Jonathan Beyers was honestly better when he was a fuckin weirdo
  • I’m Anti-Barb of course but is Jean Ralphio getting shit on a little too hard here?

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