Stranger Things 2 “Will the Wise” // Mikkeller Vanilla Maple Shake



Whoa, so Stranger Things is showing off a little huh?

If you pay attention to TV news and reviews, first God help you idk why we do this. But more importantly, you know that Stranger Things is a real divisive show. Generally, people enjoy it for the nostalgia and the ease of watching it. But many people are also put off by the idea that it gets credit for ripping other stories off, essentially.

Listen, think what you want. Doesn’t really matter to me. But if you’re caught between those things then sit down buddy this was the episode for you.

Several times watching this episode I thought, “Wow, this is heavy for Stranger Things” or “Oh, this is why some people hate it lol.” A good scene for that convo is when Eleven is pissed at The Cop. I’m real torn on it. In some moments, it took more acting than usual and they stepped up. Then in some bits I’m like alright lmao get outta here you cornballs make some eggos.

But whatever. Honestly at least the show is tryna do more, no matter what you think of it. I’d only really understand hatin on it if they just tried to remake last season.

One thing that is not divisive is Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake. This is fuckin rowdy. When it says maple, it means it dawg, ok? I love a stout smell that leaks out the second you crack it open. You pop the cap off and it’s like you’re wearing a pancake on your gah damn face.

I mean I haven’t had anything from Mikkeller before, but I know people are high on ’em. Straight outta Denmark with this sticky syrup stout, it’s up there with the best of the year for me forreal. Only gripe is that it’s a little too pricey for a single, but whatever dude, this mf bangs. Load me up.


Keepin it short today, and I wasn’t gonna do this everytime, but how could I not talk 🚨 BILLY’S BULLSHIT 🚨 rn? This dude told Jean Ralphio, “There’s always other bitches in the sea.” Wow lmao. I mean at this point idk what the showrunners are getting at. I’m here for it if you’re just makin a meme character because #content but seriously lol who tf needs this guy.

  • Will is having the worst puberty of all-time
  • Once we find out what’s up w Billy I’m afraid it’ll be so stupid lol
  • What do they call Dustin’s pet creature? Tark? TARK IS LOOSE NOW AND EATING CATS BROTHA. RIP to that cat

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