Stranger Things 2 “Dig Dug” // Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA



It wouldn’t be Stranger Things if Winona didn’t lose it and spread shit all over the house.

Will’s puberty has reached an all-time high and his upside-down levels are off the charts. This dude is smarting off to his mom as a demigorgin (??) now lmao, just deep af “NO” when told to take a warm bath. Will is a great character now but gah damn we are losin him quick.

I gotta say it was pretty funny when Mr. Mom showed up to all of Will’s crayon lines and figured it’s gotta be a map of Hawkins. Last episode I was sayin how some people like this show and some people don’t. Well here’s the real litmus test lol if you can get past that scene then buckle up baby stranger things is for you if not FOH.

If that wasn’t enough we gotta new mom now too. Eleven’sĀ šŸ‘€šŸ‘€.

Eleven’s mom has been through it. She’s repeating some series of words over and over again. 1:30! Couch! Christmas tree! Idk something like that. It turns out that all of these things came together because they were what she saw before the old bad guy brainwashed her for tryna scoop Eleven back up. If you watch Game of Thrones too, idk how you didn’t l-o-l thinking of Hodor during this scene. Oh well. I’m in on Stranger Things jackin GoT’s flows.

So yeah not sure what that mom’s gonna do, but yo rn her father figure is starring in a world class shit show. The Cop dug down below that rotten pumpkin patch to see wassup with all those rotten pumpkins. He got a mouthful of Upside Down bullshit soon as he got down there.

Later on, Mr. Mom and Will lead Winona there, and they go down to find him in deep shit. They get ’em out yadda yadda w/e you knew they would. Makes you think what it may be like if they didn’t tho? I’d prolly fuckin hate it lol The Cop is one of the best characters.

They chopped up some Upside Down stuff to get ’em out and P.S. Will LOST HIS SHIT IT’S WILD IT’S OVER HE’S DONE. End credits.

Dunno what comes next so I sat there mullin over what’s left of my Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA. Didn’t really expect this to be hazy? I mean not Homestyle hazy but a lot like those first batches of West Sixth Low Beam if you drink in Lexington, KY. Just like that Low Beam, this is solid. Super juicy, and in this case, like the most pineapple I think I’ve picked up in a beer? Take that for what it’s worth, but it worked pretty well here.

I can at least say it was better than that dumbass Who You Callin Wussie? pilsner Stone put out under Arrogant Brewing. Had that the first time I did this. That was dumb af.

  • I have a SHIT SHOW of a beer I’m gonna drink soon. Can’t wait
  • I FORGOT THAT REPORTER WAS A GUY HERE lol glad he’s back that actor is great
  • Are we eventually gonna get something with the Reagan/Bush ’84 election? We see the campaign sign in every other scene


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