Stranger Things 2 “The Spy” // I Went Drinking Last Night



There comes a time in every young man’s pointless vanity project that the train runs right off the tracks. Last night, I planned on having one of the sours a friend gave me (s/o to you Kyle), but low and behold, Lexington’s finest establishments had other things in mind.

First off, BIG s/o to Scoop of Soul. You got me considering renaming this whole thing Soulful Beers and just tryin out your whole menu. The guys serving up the homestyle meals there couldn’t seem cooler. Tried their lemon pepper wings and mac n cheese. Honestly couldn’t tell you which was better but the whole thing was $5 and delicious.

Brought that food over to Mirror Twin Brewing Co. to have with their latest hazy beer, Last Night Got A Little Hazy, appropriate. Gotta be honest I’m starting not to tell a difference between these MTB hazy beers. This is like, the 6th or 7th new one since Hazy But Lazy over the summer? I’m cool with it tho because it’s nice having local haze options on deck all the time. LNGALH (I’m sure that’ll take off) is def one of the better versions they’ve put out.

After Mirror Twin, we hit up The Beer Trappe, which no shade but may need a sponsor from these guys soon man all these Stranger Beers are from there ??? Just sayin, hmu.

ANYWAY, it was great as usual. The Trappe is an excellent bottle shop with a ton of variety on their tap list week-to-week. Always loved it for my local spot, but the more similar places I visit, the more I realize this place is one-of-a-kind. Had the original Vanilla Shake version of Mikkeller’s Beer Geek series and the results are in: it bangs. If I’m having one, I’ll take the Maple version. But if I’m going for a two or three, pass me this one anytime. Also s/o to Rhinegeist for a solid Autumn pale ale. Have no idea what made it autumn other than the time of release lol but do u.

After all this, I decided I didn’t want to drink any more beer but I prolly need to keep rollin with Stranger Things lol. Great episode, and one of my favorite parts came with Jean Ralphio taking on the demigorgins (refuse to look up how to spell this) while the kids stayed back in the van.

This is a pretty obvious homage to a lot of other horror movie stuff, but it was super fun and JR is prolly my favorite character. It was cool to see em in that scene. But I gotta say, it actually caught me off guard when the reason all the monsters left turned out to be because Will was FUCKING POSSESSED AND SENT THEM TO MURDER EVERYONE. Do WHAT lmao I mean I’m here for it give us Evil Will do something crazy.

  • Call it a stranger beers field trip folks that’s just how I’m feelin
  • Check out my drunken note from when Will sent the demigorgins rogue
  • Most I’ve ever liked Dustin is when he’s hangin with Jean Ralphio. It’s a lot more fun seeing those two talk to one another.





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