Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War” // West Sixth Brewing Snake Cake




Where do I begin? Where should we start this journey? For me, I know it literally started with Snake Cake, the celebrated West Sixth anniversary stout.

It pours midnight black with a brown head of foam, and gives off that decadent chocolate aroma right away. Sharing this pour with a friend through Game of Thrones was my first crowler experience, and I gotta say, you can’t beat having Snake Cake on hand at home.

My first visit to West Sixth was also my first brewery and Snake Cake experience. It’s held a soft spot in my heart ever since. But this Snake was not quite as pronounced in its flavors and aromas. The chocolate, vanilla, bourbon.. you can find it all here. But its details didn’t come together to knock me out the way it does when poured on draft. Still, delicious.

And honestly, thank goodness Snake Cake didn’t do me in, because Game of Thrones left me fucking steamrolled. Holy shit. This was an all-timer, up there with the best of ’em.

First you had Jon and Dany coming together over some White Walker cave doodles. Next we got ARYA FUCKING STARK BACK IN WINTERFELL. SHE FOUGHT BRIENNE AND WHOOPED ASS. THE EPISODE COULD HAVE ENDED THERE. But no, Thrones was greedy. It pressed on and killed us all with one of the most devastating battles we’ve ever seen on this show.


Of course, nothing is simple and that didn’t last long at all. Drogon got pierced by Bronn’s mega-arrow, and that slowed his ass down real quick. That gif is basically the last scene, so Drogon is still in one piece, but he and Dany are grounded for now.

The bigger question is wtf is up with Jaime Lannister. Or Tyrion!! Tyrion was mighty troubled as his brother’s people were burned to a crisp. Can he stay committed to this Mother of Dragons stuff? I dunno, but in the meantime, we’ve got Jaime to speculate on.

So there’s basically no way Jaime is dead. Not from drowning, at least. But I’ll be damned if he sees Dany again and walks away, because he ain’t bendin’ the knee. My guess is Jaime must wash up on shore away from the others. Now, what will happen with the rest of Jaime’s army? Sorry guys, but you’re fucking toast.

Quick notes:

  • This episode was flames in a season full of flamisodes.
  • EVEN IF Dany lost Drogon, she’s still got two dragons back home. That’s hardly an L.
  • This shit was so fire we followed up the Snake Cake with #BANGER Homestyle (s/o to Alex). I was ready to run through SEVERAL brick walls. Just incredible.

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