The Silence of the Lambs // 3 Floyds Zombie Dust



There are movies that everyone has seen.. except you. Star Wars is one I’ve heard a lot. Maybe you haven’t seen Jaws, or you never followed Dorothy down the yellow brick road. It’s easy to think you’ve seen all the movies until you go one-by-one and realize, “Shit, I’ve seen no movies.”

I’ma try to fix that for a little while, at least until Stranger Things season 2 starts. In the meantime, I’m gonna tackle the classic movies that I’ve missed all these years. And to start, I hit up… *“Goodbye Horses” blares from your speakers*… SILENCE OF THE LAMBS BABY.

This is one of those movies you know quite a bit about even if you haven’t seen it. Of course I knew some lines. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again.” You know, this scene has become a classic funny thing to quote bu-

“PUT THE FUCKING LOTION IN THE BASKET!” Lmao ok I laughed at that outburst. It’s inspired thousands of impersonations, and at least one dance remix.

I’d had this beer before, but something like Lambs deserves a classic of its own. Last week I picked up a six pack of 3 Floyds’ Zombie Dust, an all-citra pale ale. It skyrocketed to GOAT status early then cooled off, but has settled into a no questions go-to since.

ZD was the first beer I’d heard about it but couldn’t get, and it felt like a big deal when I came across a single being sold at a Liquor Barn. Since then, it’s lost some of that allure. I’ve been to a few draft nights, and I’ve passed on buying it more than a couple times now.

That part of craft beer is weird. People go nuts for great stuff, but once the next thing comes along, the last trendy thing is left behind. ZD has held up better than most, but are people still gonna be itching for hazy Homestyle next year? Point is it will still be a banger when you can get it pretty often, just like this.

Ok, in a movie literally full of perfect scenes, I hate to do this to you. But this is part of it. The whole point of finally watching these movies is to learn about what you’ve been missing right?

Well, I can fucking assure you I didn’t know we had a projectile crank out scene on deck.

“MIGGS, YOU STUPID FUCK!” WTF MIGGS! This happened on Insecure and I thought that was some kind of big deal. BUT THIS HAPPENED IN SILENCE OF THE LAMBS 26 YEARS AGO.

I’m told this is one of the bigger pop culture references, but I honestly had no idea this was coming (no pun intended.) Imagine my surprise lmao. I mean what kills me is that she hardly acknowledges it. She’s right back to Dr. Lecter with a classic “TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW.” I’d be so upset for Jodie Foster if she dealt with this senseless part and didn’t win the Oscar.

But I don’t want to sell this movie short with cum talk because it really is amazing. I wasn’t prepared for the last 40 minutes roller coaster. You go from Clarice’s “lambs screaming” story to Dr. Lecter attacking the guards and escaping to the Senator’s daughter attempting her own breakout from Jame Gumb’s basement to Clarice showing up herself, and that whole night goggles stand-off? Please. Every one of those scenes deserves double the words I’ve already written in this whole post to describe them. Awesome performances, perfect execution.

And think: that’s almost the whole second half of the movie. This thing runs at a clean one hour and 58 minutes baby. No time for the bullshit. This movie is an undisputed banger, and I can’t wait to rewatch it forever.

  • Back next week for sure, not so certain on the movie yet.
  • I’ll probably watch Manhunter but avoid the sequels. This movie is too perfect.
  • My favorite small detail is that Anthony Hopkins deliberately only blinks once the whole movie for added effect on what he’s telling Clarice. Dr. Lecter is a perfect movie character.

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