Stranger Things 2 “The Pollywog” // MadTree Brewing Dreamsicle



Ohhh, Stranger Beers. Something about Stranger Things works so well here. One of my favorite parts of the first go-around was trying styles I’d never had before. That’s harder nowadays, but Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing offered up an orange peel and vanilla kölsch, so that was new.

You’ve seen push pops, right? If you’re reading this, you were a kid once so I’m guessin yes.

Anyway, imagine you dropped some orange push pops in, let’s say, the nicest batch of ice cold refreshing Bud Light lol. That’s what we’re working with here. I don’t wanna hate on this beer too much but I can’t imagine you’ll ever catch me with a sixer. It tastes average at best, looks flat, and just smells kinda bad. Not my favorite MadTree beer.

Funny enough, we’ve got a new creature now just like Dreamsicle’s can art tho. Dustin has been hearin something shady outside his house, and now he’s got it. He takes this demon amphibian as his own pet after some unbearable scenes with his mom and a librarian, sneaking off with some textbooks. I’m all for cute kids being cute but man lol Dustin sucks. *crashes into blog*

Hold up. You hear that? I think it’s… prolly gotta b-

🚨 BACK ON BILLY’S BULLSHIT 🚨, our favorite Stranger Beers segment to check out the bullshit Badass Billy’s back on. In this episode, Billy is shootin hoops on the Skins Team, and you can tell he’s way too psyched about it:


lmao this fucking guy man. He goes at Jean Ralphio hard, talking a bunch of shit about how he heard JR used to run this school. Idk where the hell Billy’s goin this season, but it can’t be good. He is the worst human – maybe on all of Netflix? Well, save for the House of Cards guy.

Lots of characters were back on their bullshit tho this episode, I gotta say. Winona was back on her Paranoid Mom Bullshit. That made me really happy because Winona is her best self when she’s yelling nonsense and tearin shit up (walls, Christmas lights, videotapes, etc.)

That even came before Will threw her the ultimate alley-oop. At the end of this episode, Will decides he’s had enough with the gigantic Alien that’s been stalking him. He says, “screw it, I’ve been to the Upside Down. I’m not goin back.” And what happens?


YA GOT GOT, WILL. Right back to the Upside Down, I’d say. Lord have mercy, Winona is going to lose. Her. SHIT. I cannot wait. Will back on his Upside Down bullshit, Winona back on her “Will? WIIILLL!!!??” bullshit. Maybe even back on her Christmas Lights bullshit? Can’t get enough of it. This was the one. Stranger Things fully back on its Stranger Things bullshit.

  • Hey, can the teacher man up? He’s getting punked by kids
  • Shoulda gotten MadTree’s Blood Orange PsycHOPathy, I think
  • Ya know, they would never do this. But honestly, if this show was gonna just Game of Thrones OUST a character? It would be pretty sweet if it was Dustin

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